Fathers day 2023 Messages and Quotes

Happy Fathers Day Messages: Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June to express the love and gratitude for all fathers around the world. Fathers play an important role in the family emotionally, financially, and mentally. They are the rock of the families and especially for the children, their fathers act as a role model and inspiration. This day concedes all fathers for all that they offer to their families as well as the society. This day also enhances and strengthens our bond with the parental side of fathers. 

Happy Fathers Day Messages

How you can celebrate Father’s day

People can celebrate this special day by doing something so little, if not so grand, but meaningful and close to heart acts.

For example, getting flowers for their fathers, baking cakes, and crafting handmade cards with special father’s day greetings and messages to let them know how much they mean to us.

Sons can spend the day with their fathers hiking or going on a short trip, just to spend the day together in gratitude for the existence of their fathers and making that bond ever so special.

This year, Father’s day falls on June 19, leaving us with ample time to create, plan and/or shop for something great and heartfelt for our fathers. 

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Fathers Day 2023 Greeting & Messages

You can also wish your fathers and make them feel special with the following earnest fathers day messages and quotes:

  • “Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.” —Unknown
  • “The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” —Justin Ricklefs
  • “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” —William Shakespeare
  • “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” —George Herbert
  • “A girl’s first true love is her father.” —Marisol Santiago
  • “A father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” —Susan Gale
  • “A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you.” —Dimitri the Stoneheart
  • “Fathers just have a way of putting everything together.” —Erika Cosby
  • “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing father.” —Unknown
  • “To her, the name of father was another name for love.” —Fanny Fer
  • “The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” —Tim Russert
  • “No music is so pleasant to my ears as that word―father.” —Lydia Maria Child
  • “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” —Steve Martin
  • “When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” —Linda Poindexter
  • “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” —Unknown
  • “The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking.” —Dan Pearce
  • “Fathers, be good to your daughters. You are the god and the weight of her world.” —John Mayer
  • “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song.” —Unknown
  • “A dad is someone who wants to catch you when you fall. Instead, he picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.” —Unknown
  • “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” —Sigmund Freud

Quotes For Dad

  • “No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” —Michael Ratnadeepak
  • “It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.” —Anne Sexton
  • “My father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future.” —Liza Minnelli
  • “No man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” —Hedy Lamarr
  • “My father didn’t do anything unusual. He only did what dads are supposed to do—be there.” —Max Lucado
  • “Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.” —Unknown
  • “[My father] has always provided me a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch.” —Chelsea Clinton
  • “She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father.” —Harper Lee
  • “A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” —Unknown
  • “A father is the one friend upon whom we can always rely. In the hour of need, when all else fails, we remember him upon whose knees we sat when children, and who soothed our sorrows; and even though he may be unable to assist us, his mere presence serves to comfort and strengthen us.” —Émile Gaboriau
  • “When you need real understanding, when you need someone to care, when you need someone to guide you … A father’s always there.” —Thomas J. Langley
  • “What a father says to his children is not heard by the world, but it will be heard by posterity.” —Jean Paul
  • “There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us. One of those men is my father.” —Alison Lohman
  • “Every son quotes his father, in words and in deeds.” —Terri Guillemet

Fathers Day Messages From Daughter

Fathers Day Messages From Daughter

Fathers are the key figure in shaping their children’s minds, personalities and thoughts. They bring joy to the family and grant them their inclinations and wishes. We use Father’s Day to fully honor all the sacrifices and contributions that our fathers make as well as all the good they bring to the family. Quite often our fathers act in more than one way for us. He is our guardian, our savior, our protector, our friend, a guide for us, a shoulder for us to cry on, and most importantly, he is our parent. On this day, it is our duty as his family and children to let him know how much he is appreciated and loved for his endless and selfless efforts to give us a better life. 

Our fathers are like our superheroes who we look up to while growing up and aspire to be like as an adult and as a person. If you are a daughter, here are some messages and quotes from a daughter that you can use to make your father feel special:

  • “It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.” – John Sinor
  • “If you ever want to torture my dad, tie him up and right in front of him, refold a map incorrectly.” – Cathy Ladman
  • “When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” – Unknown
  • “You fathers will understand. You have a little girl. She looks up to you. You’re her oracle. You’re her hero. And then the day comes when she gets her first permanent wave and goes to her first real party, and from that day on, you’re in a constant state of panic.” – Stanley T. Banks
  • “I smile because you’re my father. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” – Unknown
  • “A daughter is a treasure and a cause of sleeplessness.” – Ben Sirach
  • “A little girl giggles when she is denied an ice-cream by her mother. She knows daddy will get her some later.” – Unknown

Inspirational Message To Dad On Fathers Day 2023

  • “Dad, you’ve always been the coolest – like all those times you said ‘yes’ when Mom said ‘no.’” – Unknown
  • “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.” – Unknown
  • “Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man.”  – Unknown
  • “There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy.”  – Unknown
  • “A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.” – Unknown
  • “Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.” – Marinela Reka
  • “One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten came from God. I call him daddy.” – Unknown
  • “Dad. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a bodyguard.” – Unknown
  • “Daddy, thanks for being my hero, chauffeur, financial support, listener, life mentor, friend, guardian, and simply being there every time I need a hug.” – Agatha Stephanie Lin
  • “No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” – Michael

Happy Fathers Day Messages to my Husband

If you are looking to wish your husband a happy fathers day to let him know how much of an amazing father he is to your children, below mentioned are some cute greetings & messages you can send to your husband:

1) We’re a family and we’re totally cool! Happy Father’s Day!

2) Seeing what a great dad you are, only makes me love you more.

3) I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love, and parenthood with a wonderful man like you.

4) The best thing about having you as my Husband is our children having you as their DAD. 

5) Happy Father’s Day to the man of my heart, the father of our children, the love of my life.

6) You have given our children someone to look up to and admire. You are such a fantastic father. I love you. Happy fathers’ day.

7) Two things you should never forget…That Father’s Day is about you and that I totally love you, even more than I did before! Happy Father’s Day!

9) The great love that I have for you is getting stronger, our angels are very happy because they have a father who loves them. Happy Father’s Day.

10) You make me happy! You make our children happy. You’re a great father, a great husband, and a great man. We all love you, dearly! Happy Father’s Day!

11) Life smiles me at every day since I’m by your side, we are blessed with very cute children who are happy to have their dad with them, congratulations on your day

Fathers Day Greetings and Quotes

Happy Fathers Day Messages To Uncle

If you have a person in your life who is not your father by blood but has been like a father to you, for example, an uncle. Here are some wishes that you can send his way for treating you like his own and taking care of you:

  • Wouldn’t let the day go by, Uncle, without sending you a special "Hi"! You’re a fabulous uncle and a wonderful dad, Happy Father’s to You! Hope it’s the best you’ve ever had!
  • I can’t really say exactly what it is that makes you fantastic. I’ll just say that you’re the best uncle on the planet. everything included! Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • May your Father’s Day be as special as you are to me. Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Everybody’s jealous that they don’t have an uncle like you. I try not to show off too much, but every time I think of the fun we have I get this cheese smile and they get greener by the minute!! Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Life is better, more wonderful, and full of happiness because of you. Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • I’m a lucky kid! I have you for my uncle!! Happy Father’s Day!
  • I could never forget an uncle like you. You’re too wonderful for that to ever happen! Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Hope that your Father’s Day is a real "me" kind of day for you. Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Do nothing or do a lot. It’s your day. You decide! Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Wishing you some time to relax, to dream, to enjoy! Happy Father’s Day, Uncle!
  • Happy Father’s Day. To My Wonderful Uncle! Wishing you a day that reflects the type of father you are. absolutely terrific!

Things to Write in a Father's Day Card

Here are some more quotes & messages to wish your friend on fathers day:

  • I feel so proud that I have a friend who makes an awesome dad. You are truly an inspiration for each one of us because you are the most patient and understanding father. Happy Father’s Day to you.
  • I have seen you grow all these years and now I see you as a responsible and loving father who adores his family. I want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day and congratulate you for being so amazing in every role.
  • Your children are the reason for your smile and existence. I know that they mean the world to you and I also know that they are so lucky to have a father like you. I wish you all the love in the world. Happy Father’s Day my friend.
  • This will be your very first Father’s Day and I wish that you have a great day with your baby. I wish that the bond of love between you two grows into the most beautiful association. Happy Father’s Day to you my dear.
  • Your children are the most special ones in your life. The way you have brought them up is truly commendable and I am extremely proud of you as you make the best dad ever. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day.
  • You are patient, caring, and loving and these are the qualities that make you the best daddy. You are the reason for their awesome upbringing. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day buddy.
  • The reason behind the success of your children is as you supported them and helped them at every point to work hard for their dreams.  Wishing Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful dad.
  • Nobody is perfect but you are the perfect papa to your children. You have always loved them and given them the best of everything. I am proud of you my friend. Happy Father’s Day.

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