Happy New Year 2022 Wishes, Quotes & Messages for loved ones

It is always a good feeling to exchange greetings and pleasantries with our loved ones. Actions speak louder than words, true, but actions are incomplete without words. Gifting your special-someone a present is really important, but without the touch of the right words, it will not fare any better than a dull affair, so we are here to get your job easy by providing you the most unique lines, quotes, messages that you could send to your loved ones. New year comes with lots of happiness and to spread this happiness with have given you a huge list of wishes for the new year 2022, you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram that's up to you.

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Happy New Year Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Images for Loved One

Happy New Year Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Images for Loved One

May this New Year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of life & may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year!
New Days, New Time, New Moments Ahead Are Waiting For You, May These 365 Days Light Up Your Life, Happy New Year 2022!
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May This New Year Be One Of Its Kinds! May It Be An Opportunity To Fill Your Life With Bright Cheer And Happiness! May It Bring Prosperity And Joy For The Rest Of Your Life! Have A Great New Year!
funny happy new year message

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Latest New Year 2022 SMS and Messages 

Happy new year in advance to you & your family. This year will bring u prosperity, wealth, success, pleasure & leisure. Happy 2022. Enjoy every bit of life.
All My Prayers Are With You Even In The Darkest Hour Of Life. I Pray That This New Year Bring With It Light In Your Precious Life, The Courage To Fight With Your Vices And Also Make Peace With Everyone. Happy New Year!
May You Find Happiness And Life In Everything That You Will Be Up To In This New Year! Wishing Your Days Full Of Blossomed Flowers That Will Be Filling The Air With Sweet Scents Which Will Be Carrying You Away In The Chariots Of Joy. Happy New Year!
I met love, health, peace, and joy; they needed a permanent place to stay for Year. I gave them your address hope they arrived safely. Happy New Year!
happy new year love message

happy new year message in english

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Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

Let the world stop turning, Let the sun stop burning, Let them tell me love's not worth going through. If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true ...In this life I was loved by you.
How Fast Time Moves, We Are A Few Hours Away From 2022. As You Look Forward To Witnessing The Glory Of The New Year, May It Bring With It More Fulfilled Promises. Happy New Year!
As You Log Out Of Last Year And Login To This New Year, I Wish To Send You Happy New Year Wishes Full Of Success, Prosperity, Happiness And Joy. May This Be A Year Of Change Unto Your Life May God Give You Protection And Good Health So That You Live To See Other Years

happy new year msg for lover

Happy New Year text for Girlfriend 

I Wish You Happy New Year Congratulations On Making It To A New Year. May You Find Happiness This Year As You Appreciate Beautiful Memories Of The Past Year It Has Always Been My Prayer That You Succeed In Your Life.
It Has Been Great Spending Good Times Together As We Share Our Love, As We Start Another Year I Pray That God Will Make You Strong To Be Able To Take Care Of Us. Thanks and Happy New Year.
I Will Never Be Complete Without Your Love, Being Closer To Me Makes Me Feel Loved. I Thank God For Giving Me Such A Handsome Gift. It Is Because Of Your Love That Am Happy And Healthy, Happy New Year My Dear.
happy new year msg for lover in english

happy new year text for girlfriend

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 Happy New Year msg for Lover in English

Though Life Was Full Of Obstacles, You Have Managed To Cross The Bridge To This New Year. Though Your Hope Was Lost It Will Be Renewed This Year, May You Live To Be Firm And To Overcome Challenges Wishing You Happy New Year!
May You Discover How To Ease Your Disturbed, Overworked Brain Into Manifestation And Consciousness, So You Can Disengage From Adverse Conditions, And Modify Your Life For The Best This Coming Year. Happy New Year 2022!
You Are Like Stars Shining In The Sky, I Wish You A Happy New Year As You Prepare To Face This Year. May You Be Filled With Caring Heart, May Peace Always Prevail In Your Mind. Happy and Promising New Year.
As We Say Bye To The Past Year And Say Welcome To The New Year, May You Live To Be Prosperous And Successful. May This Year Be Full Of Peace And Determination Happy New Year To You!
happy new year wishes for boyfriend

happy new year wishes for friends

New Year 2022 Quotes for Boyfriend 

The Journey Has Been Long, You Have Struggled To Achieve Your Goals And May This Year Enable You To Achieve Your Set Objectives. May You Live To Be Prosperous And Promising In Life, Happy New Year To You My Dearest!
There is Something in your smile which speaks to me, Something in your voice which sings to me, Something in your eyes which says to me, That you are the dearest to me. Happy New Year to My Love!!
happy new year wishes messages for girlfriend

latest new year sms

In your life, may there always be Love and laughter in the air; someone wonderful to pair; Warm kisses and life to share; and you're always in top gear! Happy New Year!
Enjoy This Life Completely. I Love U My Darling With All The Perfume Of A Rose and With All The Lights In The Whole World, And Also With All The Kids Smiles My Hearty Love For you Only I Wish you Happy New Year 2022 My Darling.
Like chocolate cake goes perfect with tea. My New Year Will Be Imperfect Without you. Please Be with Me On this New Year and forever. With Love, Happy New Year My Dear!
may the new year bring you good health happiness and prosperity

new year card for girlfriend

I Pray That This Year Will Be A Blessed To You. May God Show You Direction For You To Follow, May You Remain Peaceful In Mind, May You Be Healthy This Year. May You Live To Enjoy Every Single Minute You Get This Year, Happy New Year!
At Happy New Year! Grant that I May bring no tear to any eye When this New Year in time shall end Let it be said I've played the friend Have lived and loved and labored here And made of it a happy new year 2022.
new year letter for boyfriend

new year quotes for lovers

My Love As We Start Another Year It’s My Hope That We Will Also Start A New Chapter In Our Love Life And I Want To Thank For Having Been There For Me. Wish You A Happy New Year My Dear.
May this New Year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of life & may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

Out of our huge collection of New Year wishes, here are Best New Year Wishes, Quotes, and Messages for Happy and Promising New Year 2022.
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new year sms for girlfriend

Remembering the warm hugs, Oh dear friend; here are my wishes for all my love I send. May your sorrows drown and there're no tears; missing you and sending wishes for Happy New Year!
My Dear, I Have Decided To Store Your Name In My Heart This New Season. It Can Be Destroyed By Insects If I Store It On The Leaves, It Will Be Faded If I Write It On A Piece Of Paper, Happy New Year To You.
new year wishes for best friend

new year wishes for boyfriend in english

Now, in the New Year, we look back upon warm memories. You’ve had a hand in every wonderfully warm memory I have. Happy New Year!
Thank you for the fun, and sometimes embarrassing, memories we share. Let’s keep that tradition going in the upcoming year! Happy New Year, with love.
new year wishes for friends

new year wishes for girlfriend in english

Even if our talks may lessen, our hellos and our stories as well, but remember that, no matter what happens, my prayers and wishes for you will never fall short. May this year be the best year by far, and may this year bring with it endless joy and happiness.
You’re supposed to let go of the past and start off new. You’re supposed to forgive all those who have hurt you and be open to new relationships, with open arms. That is why it is called the ‘New’ Year. May you have a Happy New Year!
It’s time for tea, cake, and balloons. It’s time to celebrate the New Year. Happy New Year!
new year wishes for loved one

new year wishes for lover

Best Wishes for New Year 2022 - WhatsApp and Facebook Status

Everyone is looking for the best New Year Status for WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s proof that everyone is excited about this New Year. Here you will find the most captivating wishes for your WhatsApp and Facebook status. Post these happy new year status updates messages and make them the best Facebook status of the year. These cool new year statuses for Facebook are in English so it will be easy for you to copy and paste them into your Facebook timelines.

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20 Best Merry Christmas Memes 2021

December is finally here, which means it's Christmas time. What's better than celebrating Christmas in 2021 with funny memes and pictures, say merry Christmas to your friends in a more fun way, considering all this COVID situation. So far, it seems we are going out of this mess but who knows. So don't waste a single minute on negative things and celebrate each day full of fun. Take your favorite Christmas meme from the below list and let us know your pick.

Use these memes on your Instagram or Facebook stories. Or share them with your friends on WhatsApp or Snapchat. Add them with perfect captions and bring a smile to your friend's face.

This list has all types of memes, that will give you a reason to celebrate this season with full zeal this year in 2021. So, if all the twinkle lights around the neighborhood or the Christmas cookies baking in the oven haven't sparked that festive feeling in you yet, we can guarantee one of these memes will jog a Christmas memory or two and have you decking the halls in no time!

Let us have music for Christmas…
Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth;
Let each of us try, with a song in our hearts,
To bring peace to men on earth.

Merry Christmas Funny Memes 2021

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" - Edward Pola and George Wyle

It's never too early to be excited about this season. Check these funny merry Christmas memes to kickstart the holiday season in 2021. The Christmas celebrations have evolved from sending wishes via postcards to sending e-cards and email. Then comes the Christmas quotes on Facebook, now is the time of memes. These are the most fun way as they bring a smile to your friend's face and give them a good conversation starter.

Amazon took Santa's job

You can say, Amazon delivery boys are the new Santa... aren't they :p
meme of amazon taking santa job on Christmas

It's time to open presents

Dad: you dare to through those wrapping papers here...

meme of don't throw the wrapping paper of christmas gifts

Same guests again

Meme when you don't want to see the same thanksgiving guests again within a month.
meme when you get same guest on thanksgiving and Christmas

Oprah Winfrey - You ain't getting Shit

Yes, it's Christmas and we are going to celebrate it but with zero gifts.
meme-of-oprah-winfrey-not-giving-anyone-shit on Christmas

Santa isn't real

You idiot...! how you can prove it without sleeping. huh?

Santa isn't real Christmas Memes 2021

Christmas Tip 2021

That's one of a genius tip, sure it's an evil one, but genius! This will help discipline those kids... *thumbs up*

best Christmas memes 2021 tip of the day

Too much Christmas spirit

No caption for this one...
too much Christmas spirit memes 2021

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Merry Christmas Wishes 2021 memes

"Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand." - Dr. Seuss

It is the month of cakes & candles, snow & songs, carols & joys, laughter & love, it's DECEMBER... it's the blessed month of Christmas! We wish that you have a wonderful end of this year and get all the blessings of Christmas. Find the best Christmas memes of the year 2021 below,

Best Christmas Gift wrap *clapping*

Best Christmas Gift wrap

santa memes for christmas

Christmas decoration and electric bill

Christmas Then Christmas Now

Christmas Tree Memes

Every mother on Christmas Be like

its a trap Christmas meme

you never buy me anything on Christmas memes

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Merry Christmas 2021 Covid meme

The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays. - W.C. Jones

Celebrate Christmas in 2021 with funny memes and pictures, say merry Christmas in a more fun way by sharing these memes with friends on social media.

Christmas Celebrations in COVID

COVID Christmas Memes

Feeling Christmas COVID memes

its COVID outside Christmas Memes

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49 Halloween I Love You Quotes

Halloween 'I Love You' quotes: This Halloween spread the love by sharing these "I love you" quotes with your loved ones. You can find many Halloween quotes to celebrate this day but when you think about someone you love the most, the wishing message should be special. The message should shower love and should express all the feelings you have for that special person.

Quotes about Halloween and Love

So, celebrate Halloween this year by sending these Happy Halloween love quotes.

Halloween quotes about love

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll chase all those scary things away from you this Halloween That’s what you do when you love somebody! Happy Halloween!

No matter whether I am dead or alive ……. All that I know is that you are coming with me because it is Halloween time.

Your love potion has worked, it's magic on me. Happy Halloween my sweetheart!

It's Halloween and I want to tell you that we are made for each other just like Frankenstein and his wife….. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween my darling.

Whether you close your eyes or keep them open, the horror of Halloween is going to haunt you if I am not there with you…. So let us always stay close!!!

My love, I want to make this Halloween very special by being by your side, sharing every moment with you….. Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Halloween love text messages

Although Halloween is celebrated by dressing up in spooky costumes and is all about candies for kids; but if you have a lover in your life celebrating any event without sending love to her is incomplete. Share these Halloween quotes about love with her and tell her how important she is in your life.

On the occasion of Halloween, I want to tell you that ill chase all the scary things away from you because I love you the most and I want to see you happy always….. Happy Halloween!!!

I wish that you look the prettiest of all the witches and ghosts and scare them away with your killer looks….. I wish you a Happy Halloween.

You must come with me, loving me, to death…or else hate me, and still come with me.

Some people say that you must have charmed me with your charms because I only have eyes for you. I do not care what others think and the only thing I want is for this spell to end. Let’s celebrate Halloween, my sweet little witch!

Let us together carve the pumpkin with the spookiest face that can scare every witch, ghost, and monster….. Wishing you a spooky Halloween.

Looks like I have lost some of the screws of my brain because I am madly, stupidly in love with you….. Happy Halloween to my sweetest girlfriend.

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200+ Best Halloween Jokes For Kids 2021 

Halloween quotes for love

Since we are a couple we must put on costumes that complement each other so tonight I will disguise myself as the sleeping beauty and you will be my prince charming.

Tonight I will be your witch! For you, I’m going to do the magic of disappearing …… happy?

My friend, you know how much I appreciate you. That’s why I feel obliged to ask you to put on your mask until the night during the party. What? You still have not put it on?

Happy Halloween, my friend! How good it has been on the Day of the witches, so it will be worth it if you’ve been with the costume all year.

Let’s put on our costumes, go out into the streets to scare people, and ask like two children to give us our sweets. Let’s enjoy Halloween tonight.

Halloween is a night of fear and fun: you know, it would be better for everyone … that you do not go out and scare others … Happy Halloween

Quotes about Halloween and Love

I have the power to make Mr. Skeleton laugh with my graveyard jokes…. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween full of smiles.

Tonight there will be people everywhere disguised as zombies, monstrous beings but do not worry because I will dress like a hero to defend whoever wants to terrorize you. Happy Halloween

Some of us are just in love with Halloween! Who wouldn’t want the chance to be in dark with the person that they love?!’

Had you been a ghost, I would have loved you the same way, I would have enjoyed getting scared by you each day and every day….. Warm wishes on Halloween!!!

What do the ghost, Jack-o-lantern, witch, and bat all have in common? They are all wishing you a Happy Halloween, my love.

Find someone who loves you like Tate loves Violet. Happy Halloween sweetheart.

Halloween love quotes for him

Show your love for him on this Halloween with these love and spooky quotes. 

You have always killed me with your killer looks... You have stolen my heart... Happy Halloween to the most loving monster I have ever met...!

I want to be like out of a fairy tale. We will bite together with the enchanted apple and we will be trapped in a spell of love. Happy Halloween, my King!

Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m just as evil as he is by keeping my mouth shut. But he told me once that I was different. And I can’t help but hope that me being different is the one thing in this world that can save him from what he fears the most…' Himself'.

I can conquer the whole world with 1 hand behind my back. As long as the other one is holding you.

But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Give me a moment that I should disguise myself. You are so perfect … do not do anything …, just do not forget the broom … Happy Halloween

Halloween love quotes for her

Although tonight you have decided to dress as a little witch for me, you are still a charming girl who, in costume or not, will always have me spellbound. I love my heaven and let’s have the best Halloween day.

My Queen, tonight we will make a perfect pair, I with my other kilos and my brown vest can look like Sherk and you with your long dress will be my Fiona

Today I will disguise myself as a superhero who will come to save all those who live in terror on Halloween night. Get ready my queen that I am going for you.

I love that you want to disguise yourself as an enchanted princess who waits for the arrival of her prince charming. Who will appear in the middle of a Halloween night to look for her beloved and kiss her so that you wake up of your charm

My Queen, what do you think if you disguise yourself as a beautiful princess and I was a prince who must break the charm by filling you with thousands of kisses

I promise to keep you safe from the vampires and witches because that is what a good boyfriend is supposed to do for her girlfriend... Happy Halloween my love.

Halloween love images

Halloween I Love You Quotes

halloween love images

Halloween quotes about love on images

Scary Halloween Love Quotes Images

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220+ Global Handwashing Day Quotes 2021

October 15 is observed as a global handwashing day every year, but considering the current COVID situation in 2021, we can safely say that this whole year was the handwashing year. Although everyone is already busy washing their hand and trying their best to stay away from coronavirus and all the other viruses and germs, you can use below quotes and slogans we have gathered for handwashing day 2021.

You and I may be washing our hands with soap every day, but there are people who still don't give it that much importance. Not just kids but there are adults as well who need to be taught the importance of frequent handwashing. What can be the best way than sharing the famous quotes on handwashing day to spread awareness? You can celebrate this day in your community by putting up some banners and distributing brochures with printed quotes and slogans of handwashing.

The theme for 2021 handwashing day is "Our Future is at Hand – Let’s Move Forward Together."

Global Handwashing Day Quotes and Slogans 2021

Global Handwashing Day Quotes

"Let us avoid all diseases by thoroughly washing our hands." - Anonymous.

"Only a proper handwash can kill all unwanted bacteria." - Anonymous.

"Wash your hands as and when you can. You will always stay protected from diseases." - Anonymous.

"Warm wishes on Global Handwashing Day…. Never forget to wash your hands to keeps away all the germs and health in good shape."

"Wishing a very Happy Global Handwashing Day to you…. Never let the germs harm you…. Wash your hands before and after the meal."

"The occasion of Global Handwashing Day reminds us all how important it is to wash hands to stay healthy and germ-free."

"Most of the germs enter into our system through our hands and bring us diseases…. Global Handwashing Day is a reminder to always wash your hands."

“Keep your body and system healthy and fit with handwashing practice…. Wishing you a very Happy Global Handwashing Day."

"I'm a hygiene freak. I’m like obsessive-compulsive when it comes to washing your hands." - Kelly Clarkson

"Hand washing is the first basic step towards achieving any millennium goals for development. It saves lives." Kajol

"If I wasn’t writing poems I’d be washing my hands all the time." - Sherman Alexie

“When I was growing up, hand washing was a ritual, but now it’s a necessity. A child dies every 15 seconds from preventable causes, which has got to stop.” — Kajol

“I wash my hair maybe once every four or five months. But whenever I touch my hair, I wash my hands. I think since I wash my hands a lot and then touch my hair, maybe I’m washing my hair each time. But also, I sweat a lot, and sweat is like a natural shower built into your body.” — Andrew W.K.

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, WASH your hands regularly with soap and water. Happy International Handwashing Day!!!

Global Handwashing Day is a day for action! This year, representatives across governments, civil society, and the private sector are prioritizing Hand Hygiene For All. Hygiene For All means placing handwashing at the heart of national strategies, plans & budgets.

Clean hands are a recipe for good health! Handwashing with soap can help fight undernutrition, keep kids healthy and in school, and save lives. This Global Handwashing Day, make a habit of handwashing with soap before eating or preparing food.

Don't be numb, wash off the scum. Don't be dirty, be neat. Wash your hands before you eat. Don't lick, germs stick. - hand washing slogan on health and hand wash Quotes

The 2021 Global Handwashing Day theme is “Hand Hygiene for All” This year’s theme follows the recent global initiative calling on all of society to scale up hand hygiene, especially through handwashing with soap under running water.!!!

Hand hygiene practice must be maintained and hygiene systems must be strengthened.

Happy handwashing Day Stay healthy! Happy World handwashing Day to all the friends, Students, Family, and loved ones out there. Please remind that there is no room for complacency and that it’s more important than ever to wash your hands properly due to covid-19. Stay healthy!

Hand Hygiene needs to be prioritized during and beyond Covid-19! This global Handwashing Day, let’s commit to promoting handwashing access and practice.

With October, comes Halloween, don't forget to check these useful resources;

Handwashing Day 2021 Short Quotes

Please use soap to scrub each hand or you’ll spread disease to all the land.

Save Lives and Money. Save Time.

Seeing is believing, but you can’t see germs.

Soap and water go hand in hand.

Ten out of ten patients prefer care from clean hands.

Use the soap, don’t be dope.

Wash your hands and fingers for any germs that linger.

Washing hands prevents disease and puts everyone else at ease.

What are the top ten carriers of infection agents (each one of your fingers)?

Will you please, prevent disease. Wash your hands.

You are grand if you wash your hand.

20%-50% isn’t adequate. Wash your hand 100%.

Maintain a strategic distance from germs and health issues, stop tainting.

Pledge this on global handwashing day.

Know the importance of handwash, wash with consideration.

Be responsible for your own health.

On this global handwash day, Cover the germ, wash your hands.

Wash and be glad.

Future is in your grasp.

Tidy hands merit two thumbs up.

Clean hands keep germs from spreading.

Try not to be a bonehead, wash your hands with water and a cleanser.

Try not to get captured germy gave.

Clean hands, sound heart.

Try not to pass the bug, make handwashing an unquestionable requirement.

Try not to sit tight for directions! Wash your hands!

Battle germ-fighting, clear them out, wash your hands.

Handwashing and minding go together.

Handwashing is up to us. Well-being and cleanliness are riches and wellness.

I’m being ok with you. I wash my hands.

On the off chance that you wash your hands, you are a victor.

On every one of the grounds, wash your hands.

Disease – Don’t pass it on. This should be the promise made on global handwashing day.

Wash Hands and Spread Awareness

Use these handwashing day quotes and slogans in your text messages, on your social profiles, or get them print on brochures and spread the awareness because 2021 is the year when we defeat all the diseases.

Disease control is in your grasp. It is perfect to wash your hands before you eat.

It’s general – handwashing each patient inevitably.

It’s solitary ideal to clean your hands day and night.

Make it a spotless scene, wash your hands with water and cleanser.

Make your goal aversion. Wash your hands.

No germs are permitted, wash your hands.

If it’s not too much trouble use a cleanser to scour each hand or you’ll spread illness to all the land.

Wellbeing first, wash and ensure.

Some things are only possible to accept after witnessing them firsthand, however, you can’t see germs.

Cleanser and water go inseparably.

A few propensities are great.

Stop – it would be ideal if you evacuate germs by sterilizing your hands.

Leave ailment speechless.

Quit spreading germs in short order.

Utilize the cleanser, don’t be an idiot.

Wash for bliss.

What are the best ten transporters of disease operators (every single one of your fingers)?

Will you if it’s not too much trouble forestall ailment. Wash your hands.

You are great on the off chance that you wash your hand.

Your hands are stunning.

In the event that you wash your hands, you are a victor.

Know wash with consideration.

You are amazing on the off chance that you wash your hand.

Clean Hands are watchmen of wellbeing.

Try not to spread germs wash your hands.

Handwashing is a critical aspect of your responsibilities.

Wash those germs directly off of your hands!

Washed hands are minding hands!

Clean given individuals are perfect. So be perfect. Wash your hands.

Try not to lick, germs stick.

Wash for joy.

Hand washing your insurance against disease.

Well-being and cleanliness are riches and wellness.

Give your fingers a chance to do the washing.

Continuously wash your hands, pots, and skillet.

Goodbye to rottenness, hi to wellbeing.

Try not to be a bum, wash off the rubbish.

keep it clean, you recognize what I mean.

Give the cleanser a shot when washing your hands.

Suffocate a germ and wash your hands!

Wash, it’s your obligation!

Try not to give germs a chance to get you down.

Clean hands drive everything and everyone.

Washing hands makes life safe.

Try not to be filthy, be flawless, wash your hands before you eat.

Hand Hygiene is EVERYONE’s activity.

Don’t be an idiot, wash your hands with water and chemical

On the off chance that you keep clean, you will resemble the ruler.

Don’t be a bum, wash off the trash. No germs allowed Wash your hands

Don’t be muddled, be smooth. Wash your hands already you eat

Don’t pass the bug, make handwashing an obvious necessity

Clean hands impact the world to go around. We’re relying upon you to clean your hands

Wash for delight. Drown a bug, save a genuine presence

We’re relying on you to clean your hands.

Creative Handwashing Day Slogans

Don’t be a dope, wash your hands with water and soap

Wash those germs right off of your hands!

One hand washes the other

Don’t be a bum, wash off the scum

No germs allowed Wash your hands

Don’t pass the bug, make handwashing a must

Bury the germ, wash your hands

Don’t take it personally

Clean hands make the world go around

We’re counting on you to clean your hands

Wash for happiness

Drown a bug, save a life

We’re all in this together

Its only right to clean your hands day and night

Clean hands, safe hands

Wash, it’s your duty!

All hands to the pump

Clean hands, sound bodies

Break the germ cycle

Wash your hands, spread the word and stop the germs

Use your hands to make some bubbles to kill those troubles

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Clean hands count

Two little hands, so clean and so bright, this is my left and that is my right

Clean hands – healthy hands

Clean hands are caring hands

Saving lives, it’s in your hands

Wash, wash, wash your hands

Clean hands are healing hands

I can, You can, We can

Thank you for washing your hands

Don’t be dirty, Be neat, Wash your hands before your eat

Clean hands save lives

Handwashing Good! Germs Bad!

Take a stand, wash your hands

Wash your hands so you can stop germs

Before you leave take a minute to clean

Clean hands can stop germs

Don’t take germs with you!

Do good, wash your hands

Please remember to wash your hands

Don’t be mean keep them clean

A clean hand wants no washing

Infection control is in your hands

Wash hands and stay healthy.

Make it a practice to wash hands before meals.

Handwashing is the easiest preventive measure for good health.

Wash away all your germs off your hands.

Washed hands are clean and caring hands.

Wash your hands before you eat.

Don’t be lazy to wash hands, it is important for your health.

Drown those bugs to have a healthy living.

Don’t let the bugs on your hands enter your system… Wash your hands.

Handwashing is a good practice and we all must follow it.

Caring goes hand in hand with hand washing.

Wash your hands for your health and health of your loved ones.

Clean hands are a must before you eat.

Hand washing is good and germs are bad.

You are a winner if you wash your hands before every meal.

Safe Hand, Safe Life

Clean hands, happy hands.

Whenever in doubt, wash it out.

Let’s break-up with germs!

Handwashing: For a healthier life

War on germs, Hand to Hand battle

Give germs the RUB

Clean well to eat well

Safety first!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Your life is in your hands, wash them properly

Soap and water go hand in hand

Few hands Washes a day, keep the doctor away

Healthy hand Washes every day, keep the diseases away

Wash your hands every day, to keep diseases at bay

A clean nation starts at home

If we are healthy, the world becomes healthy

Let’s fight against germs

Good habit means the healthy habit

Say hello to a healthy life.

Take your hygiene seriously.

Say goodbye to the germs

We adopted a good habit, did you?

Cleaning increases beauty, washing your hands is your duty

Save your stomach from germs. Use Handwash

Don’t spend on diseases, invest in your hygiene

Clean hands deserve two thumbs up

Don’t get caught germy handed

Wash and protect

The more you care, the more you wash

Don’t pass the bug, give your hands a rub

Clean hands are guardians of health.

Handwashing is good, because germs are bad!

Some habits are good

Your future is in your hands

Don’t wait for commands! Wash your hands!

Make it a clean scene, practice good hygiene

Farewell to filth, hello to health

Whether you’re an adult, a kid or a teen, washing hands is just good hygiene

Be a germ buster, wash hands.

Clean hands prevent germs from spreading.

Be aware, wash with care.

Clean hands, healthy heart.

Clean well so you can eat well.

Don’t be numb, wash off the scum.

Don’t lick, germs stick.

Fight germ warfare, wipe em out, wash your hands.

Hand washing is your protection against infection.

Handwashing and caring go together.

If you keep clean, you will look like the queen.

If you wash your hands, you are a winner.

In all the lands, wash your hands.

Infection – Don’t pass it on.

Safety first, wash and protect.

Save Lives and Money.

Stop disease in its tracks.

Stop spreading germs in seconds.

Washed hands are caring hands.

Stop! Handwashing is practiced here.

Your hands are lovely.

Spread the awareness with these quotes and slogans and celebrate global handwashing day 2021. 

40+ Funny Halloween Pictures and Memes 2021

Funny Halloween pictures and memes: It's that time of the year when you show your creativity to make everything look scary. Yes, it's Halloween eve. Decorate your houses using jack-o'-lantern and other scary and spooky objects. While you try to scare the hell out of your neighbors, don't forget to bring some smiles along the way. Especially because of this pandemic situation, when everyone is stuck at home and chaos is everywhere, smiles are much needed. We have collected some of the best and funny Halloween pictures and memes. From which you can take some inspiration to make your Halloween day scary as well as hilariously funny.

Funny Halloween Pictures and Memes 2021

Use these pictures and memes to get inspiration for your DIY crafting and home decorations for Halloween eve 2021. You can also use these funny Halloween memes on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Post these Halloween memes and pictures on Facebook and engage with your friends, family, and colleagues.

    Funny Halloween Pictures

    These funny Halloween pictures will get you in the mood to do some cool and creative decorations at your home. Get inspirations and ideas from these pictures to be as much creative as you can be. Although Halloween is celebrated on 31st October each year, the real fun starts on 1st October, when everyone starts looking for ideas to decorate their houses and starts putting jack-o'-lanterns everywhere.

    The below pictures will not only bring a big smile to your face but will surely motivate you to put some extra effort into celebrating this year's eve.

    awesome halloween party decorations

    funny Halloween decorations DIY

    funny Halloween decorations for outside

    funny Halloween images COVID edition

    funny Halloween images pictures

    funny skeleton Halloween decorations 2021

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    Happy Halloween Memes

    With social media, comes the "Memes"! I don't think, there is any person who uses social media sites and doesn't know about this word. If I say all social media sites are breathing because of this, it won't be wrong. Memes are like fuel for them. So put up some amazing and hilarious happy Halloween memes on your social media sites this year. Whether you are a Facebook guy or an Instagram enthusiast, post these funny Halloween memes and pictures on your profiles and bring smiles to the faces of your friends.

    funny and spooky Halloween memes

    funny Halloween memes 2021

    funny Halloween memes COVID edition


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    Funny Halloween pumpkin pictures

    So it's time to carve jack-o'-lantern in your pumpkin. You all know the simple standard way, but why not bring some creativity here and convert your pumpkin to jack-o'-lantern using different faces and ideas, so that when anyone sees it, they just wouldn't be able to control their laugh. Yeah, bring it on, show your creativity to make your pumpkin hilariously funny. Take some inspirations and ideas from below funny Halloween pumpkin pictures.

    funny pumpkin pictures for Halloween 2021

    funny Halloween pumpkin pictures

    funny Halloween pumpkin images

    funny Halloween pumpkin decoration ideas
    Pumpkin Party

    Funny Halloween Family pictures

    No matter what festive you are celebrating, it is incomplete without family. And when you are with family, it is mandatory to save all those beautiful, joyful, and fun-filled moments in the form of pictures and videos.

    While you are celebrating and taking snaps with your family, scroll through these funny Halloween family pictures to take a good laugh. Maybe you find the best hilarious pose for your family picture of Halloween 2021.

    funny and scary Halloween family pictures

    funny Halloween family images

    funny Halloween family pictures

    Funny Halloween Pictures

    pictures of family Halloween costumes

    Hilarious Funny Halloween memes 2021

    Since 2012, memes are around and they are not going anywhere. Whenever you need some engaging content, the first thing that comes to mind is "Memes". Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media to engage with your friends, family, and colleagues.

    Memes are the best way to go. Post some funny and meaningful memes and see people liking them and commenting on them. Start conversations and have fun with your loved ones, no matter how far they live. With the COVID situation in 2021 everywhere, people are unable to travel that much and can't celebrate events together. So in this dire situation, what's the best way to celebrate events like Halloween other than social media. Share hilarious and funny Halloween memes and have some fun time.

    ready for Halloween funny meme

    Funny Halloween candy memes

    Hilarious Funny Halloween memes 2021

    Hilariously Funny Halloween memes

    images of funny Halloween memes

    Funny Halloween pictures to post on Facebook

    Since the pandemic has hit the world and has forced people to stay at home, people are using social media more to interact with their loved ones. On this Halloween, do not postpone your plans. Decorate your houses as you always do and take pictures of your decoration to share them on Facebook. Wish your friends differently this year by showing them your decorations, posting pictures of them on social media, play trick-and-treat with kids and send them virtual candies by making them laugh with your kid-friendly Halloween jokes and funny pictures. We have collected some hilariously funny Halloween pictures which you can post on Facebook and celebrate this eve.

    Funny Halloween pictures to post on Facebook

    funny Halloween pictures with captions Stanger things

    funny Halloween tombstone decorations

    Funny Halloween Facebook Cover Picture

    funny covid Halloween decorations

    Funny Halloween party memes

    There are two types of people in this world. One who loves to party and the rest of the world. So if you are a party person, this section is dedicated to you. Find the most funny Halloween party memes here which you can post on Facebook or Instagram and message them to your friends via WhatsApp.

    funny Halloween party memes 2021

    funny Halloween party memes

    funny Halloween party pictures


    Halloween party memes 2021

    Funny Halloween gif image

    Apart from pictures and memes, you can also use funny Halloween gifs to wish your loved ones on this eve. You can share these gifs as messages on WhatsApp or any other messaging service. Or you can post these on your social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, almost every social media accept gifs format. These get more attention as they look like small videos and gives a clear message. Below funny Halloween gifs are the best alternatives to pictures.

    funny Halloween gifs 2021

    happy Halloween gif images

    happy Halloween image gif

    Funny Halloween gif image

    Funny Halloween jokes images

    Bring a smile to your friend's face with these Halloween jokes on the picture. According to experts, posts on social media with images are more engaging than text-only posts, as they are more catchy to the eyes. So make all your Halloween posts on Facebook with these funny jokes on pictures and get more likes and comments.

    funny Halloween jokes 2021

    funny Halloween jokes for kids

    Funny Halloween jokes images

    Halloween jokes that are funny

    really funny Halloween jokes

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