49 Halloween I Love You Quotes

Halloween 'I Love You' quotes: This Halloween spread the love by sharing these "I love you" quotes with your loved ones. You can find many Halloween quotes to celebrate this day but when you think about someone you love the most, the wishing message should be special. The message should shower love and should express all the feelings you have for that special person.

Quotes about Halloween and Love

So, celebrate Halloween this year by sending these Happy Halloween love quotes.

Halloween quotes about love

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll chase all those scary things away from you this Halloween That’s what you do when you love somebody! Happy Halloween!

No matter whether I am dead or alive ……. All that I know is that you are coming with me because it is Halloween time.

Your love potion has worked, it's magic on me. Happy Halloween my sweetheart!

It's Halloween and I want to tell you that we are made for each other just like Frankenstein and his wife….. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween my darling.

Whether you close your eyes or keep them open, the horror of Halloween is going to haunt you if I am not there with you…. So let us always stay close!!!

My love, I want to make this Halloween very special by being by your side, sharing every moment with you….. Best wishes on Halloween to you.

Halloween love text messages

Although Halloween is celebrated by dressing up in spooky costumes and is all about candies for kids; but if you have a lover in your life celebrating any event without sending love to her is incomplete. Share these Halloween quotes about love with her and tell her how important she is in your life.

On the occasion of Halloween, I want to tell you that ill chase all the scary things away from you because I love you the most and I want to see you happy always….. Happy Halloween!!!

I wish that you look the prettiest of all the witches and ghosts and scare them away with your killer looks….. I wish you a Happy Halloween.

You must come with me, loving me, to death…or else hate me, and still come with me.

Some people say that you must have charmed me with your charms because I only have eyes for you. I do not care what others think and the only thing I want is for this spell to end. Let’s celebrate Halloween, my sweet little witch!

Let us together carve the pumpkin with the spookiest face that can scare every witch, ghost, and monster….. Wishing you a spooky Halloween.

Looks like I have lost some of the screws of my brain because I am madly, stupidly in love with you….. Happy Halloween to my sweetest girlfriend.

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Halloween quotes for love

Since we are a couple we must put on costumes that complement each other so tonight I will disguise myself as the sleeping beauty and you will be my prince charming.

Tonight I will be your witch! For you, I’m going to do the magic of disappearing …… happy?

My friend, you know how much I appreciate you. That’s why I feel obliged to ask you to put on your mask until the night during the party. What? You still have not put it on?

Happy Halloween, my friend! How good it has been on the Day of the witches, so it will be worth it if you’ve been with the costume all year.

Let’s put on our costumes, go out into the streets to scare people, and ask like two children to give us our sweets. Let’s enjoy Halloween tonight.

Halloween is a night of fear and fun: you know, it would be better for everyone … that you do not go out and scare others … Happy Halloween

Quotes about Halloween and Love

I have the power to make Mr. Skeleton laugh with my graveyard jokes…. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween full of smiles.

Tonight there will be people everywhere disguised as zombies, monstrous beings but do not worry because I will dress like a hero to defend whoever wants to terrorize you. Happy Halloween

Some of us are just in love with Halloween! Who wouldn’t want the chance to be in dark with the person that they love?!’

Had you been a ghost, I would have loved you the same way, I would have enjoyed getting scared by you each day and every day….. Warm wishes on Halloween!!!

What do the ghost, Jack-o-lantern, witch, and bat all have in common? They are all wishing you a Happy Halloween, my love.

Find someone who loves you like Tate loves Violet. Happy Halloween sweetheart.

Halloween love quotes for him

Show your love for him on this Halloween with these love and spooky quotes. 

You have always killed me with your killer looks... You have stolen my heart... Happy Halloween to the most loving monster I have ever met...!

I want to be like out of a fairy tale. We will bite together with the enchanted apple and we will be trapped in a spell of love. Happy Halloween, my King!

Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m just as evil as he is by keeping my mouth shut. But he told me once that I was different. And I can’t help but hope that me being different is the one thing in this world that can save him from what he fears the most…' Himself'.

I can conquer the whole world with 1 hand behind my back. As long as the other one is holding you.

But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Give me a moment that I should disguise myself. You are so perfect … do not do anything …, just do not forget the broom … Happy Halloween

Halloween love quotes for her

Although tonight you have decided to dress as a little witch for me, you are still a charming girl who, in costume or not, will always have me spellbound. I love my heaven and let’s have the best Halloween day.

My Queen, tonight we will make a perfect pair, I with my other kilos and my brown vest can look like Sherk and you with your long dress will be my Fiona

Today I will disguise myself as a superhero who will come to save all those who live in terror on Halloween night. Get ready my queen that I am going for you.

I love that you want to disguise yourself as an enchanted princess who waits for the arrival of her prince charming. Who will appear in the middle of a Halloween night to look for her beloved and kiss her so that you wake up of your charm

My Queen, what do you think if you disguise yourself as a beautiful princess and I was a prince who must break the charm by filling you with thousands of kisses

I promise to keep you safe from the vampires and witches because that is what a good boyfriend is supposed to do for her girlfriend... Happy Halloween my love.

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Halloween I Love You Quotes

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