140+ Best Graduation Quotes For Daughter

“You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation.” —Brigham Young

What to say when your daughter graduates? In this article, you will find the best quotes and messages which you can say or send to your daughter on her graduation.

Graduation quotes to daughter
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Under The scorching summer sun, seven missed alarms, bustling morning traffic jams, parking ticket hassle, blaring speakers with microphones screeching, all topped off with the constant fear of not being there, you stand there panting – just barely in time for your daughter’s convocation – but funnily enough, have already forgotten all about your exasperating morning at the near glimpse of your daughter up there on the stage. Half a century of minor and major inconveniences won’t matter to you as long as you can capture the moment right in front of you and cherish it forever. There she’ll stand, your little girl. Your daughter’s graduation wouldn’t simply be their achievement, but yours too. Moments like these should be celebrated among friends and family as you read out heartfelt messages, quotes, and prayers for her. Here are some wishes, quotes, and messages to tell your daughter how proud you are of her graduation.

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Short Graduation Quotes for Daughter

Be glad you’re a grad! Congrats!

Warmest congratulations on your graduation.

Great results come from hard work. Well done!

Congratulations on your well-deserved success.

You worked so hard for this moment. You did it!

The highest result of education is tolerance.

Blessing and prayers on your graduation and for your future.

Sending you our prayers and well-wishes on your graduation day.

It is absolutely still possible to make a difference. - Michelle Obama

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Arthur

Today is just the first of many proud moments for you. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your graduation, and best wishes for your next adventure.

Your father and I are so proud of you! You will do great things, we know it!

Today is your day. Wishing you all the best for what life now has in store for you.

“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”— Martin Luther.

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.”— Joseph Addison.

Congratulations on this awesome milestone, and best wishes as you head to [college name].

Congratulations, our sweet daughter. Aim for the stars because the sky is the limit!

Congrats graduate, you have really outdone yourself! Wishing you nothing but the very best.

May you always find yourself as happy and full of dreams as you are today! Congratulations.

Best wishes on your graduation day. On this day I want to say spread your wings and fly higher.

Many dream, some try, but only a few achieve. You have achieved! Good luck and happy graduation!

You were created to excel. Nothing can change that, not even you. Happy graduation day, darling.

To a happy ending and a new beginning. Wishing you the best in your new chapter. Congratulations

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Graduation Quotes to Daughter

The piece of paper may be about academics, but the experience was a lesson in life. Congratulations.

Your hard work has paid off and we are proud of you for making it this far. Cheers to your graduation!

We’re proud of you but it’s more important that you’re proud of yourself. Celebrate your accomplishment.

Be proud of this moment — you deserve it for all the effort and dedication you invested. Congratulations.

I hope that your degree will unlock even more doors to the success you very well deserve. Congratulations!

You get a piece of paper, but it means so much more than that. I hope you feel proud of your accomplishments.

You can achieve whatever you want in life as long as you believe. And we believe in you! Congratulations, kid!

“The old rules are crumbling and nobody knows what the new rules are. So make up your own rules.” – Neil Gaiman.

One can now achieve whatever one wants from life and you are a true example. Wishing you a happy graduation day.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”—Malcolm

Graduating is the first stage of your life. You need to be strong to make more achievements. Happy graduation day!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe.”—Anatole France

Never stop growing, exploring, learning, and challenging yourself. Congratulations and best wishes for your future.

Congratulations on making it this far. Thanks for making the parents and teachers proud. Keep believing in yourself.

Today is a special day that you have made for us. Your achievements are highly appreciated. Congratulations brother!

May you always have new opportunities come your way, and may you be always successful in your life. Happy Graduation!

Inspirational quotes for daughter graduation
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Inspirational Quotes for Daughter Graduation

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”—Dr. Seuss

It’s a beautiful thing, watching the daughter we’ve always loved growing up and getting one step closer to her dreams.

I wish you the best as you step ahead towards new challenges in life. Congrats and may all your other dreams are fulfilled.

Now that you’re a graduate, it’s time to be courageous. Life is full of lessons that will challenge you all along the way.

Congrats on your outstanding achievement. Wishing you all the best for the future and all its challenges and opportunities.

Continue to learn, continue to make yourself happy, continue to achieve more and you will never regret it. Congratulations!

My wish for you on this special day is that you achieve more and shape your life the way you deserve. Happy graduation day!

One thing I am sure about is that God has a good plan for you. He is preparing you for a greater tomorrow. Congratulations!

Anything is possible – all you have to do is believe in yourself. Wishing you all the best in what lies ahead and good luck.

This is only the beginning of your success, you have to achieve a lot more in your life. Congratulations on your graduation!

Being a graduate doesn’t mean that you know everything — but you are better prepared to learn what life has in store for you.

“Fortune does favor the bold, and I promise that you will never know what you’re capable of unless you try.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Great job, sweetie! We hope that you continue to work hard in school and get good grades. We are so proud to be your parents!

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Graduation Quotes for Daughter from Dad

To some, graduating was just one page of a book. In a capitalist world, like the one we live in, even a degree could not guarantee anything. Though some of it may be true, you still have now gathered a widespread perception, even more so as you have seen your daughter grow. It’s astounding how we tend to observe growth in people close to us, in comparison to ourselves, and it is disappointing how little credit we give ourselves, sometimes, for achieving outstanding milestones, like graduating. The Key to happiness is, appreciating the small things in life. So, make sure you appreciate her every step of the way, no matter how small it may seem.

I closed my eyes and saw greater things that are awaiting you in the future. This is the best thing that I and your mom want for you. Happy graduation day!

Congratulations! Moving through all the challenges of life to make it this far is an achievement. It’s your day, have a blast.

I am proud of who you’ve turned out to be. This is the beginning of many more achievements. Let’s toast to your success today!

On this special day, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your outstanding achievement. Cheer up and enjoy your day.

Start each day with ambition and well-set goals. I wish you a prosperous life. Just believe in yourself. Happy graduation day!

The moment I heard the news of your graduation I was so happy that I can’t explain it in words. Congrats and happy graduation!

“Congrats to the new grad! From here on out, the sky is the limit, so spread your wings and soar! All the best for the future!”

Proud Graduation Quotes for Daughter from Mother

Today I am the happiest mother in this world. Now my baby boy has grown up and has graduated. This is an achievement. Congratulations!

You’ve made your mother/father so happy and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

You’re a shooting star, dear daughter, fierce and unstoppable, coated in this beautiful and cool lady. You are just all your mom and I prayed for. Or rather, you are more than what we prayed for. It’s beautiful watching you grow and glow. As we celebrate your graduation today, we pray that God continues to take you to higher heights. Happy graduation, dear.

When mom and dad advised leaving the bad company and studying, this is what they wanted you to achieve. This is how they wanted to see you like. Congratulations!

Now life has started, with all the knowledge and experience acquired in school, you can make your life better. Congratulations!

“Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”—Henry Peter Brougham

I take this responsibility to wish you a happy cross from this stage to the other. You have made us proud. Happy graduation day!

“You have to dance a little bit before you step out into the world each day because it changes the way you walk.”—Sandra Bullock

Now that you are graduating, use your freedom wisely. We are already so proud of you and couldn’t bear the news. Congratulations!

Now that you have made one dream come true, I wish that all the other dreams you have in your life also come true. Congratulations!

There are few times in life when you’ll put as much work into a single accomplishment as you did for the last four years. Celebrate!

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Graduation Congratulations Quotes for Daughter

Even if she doesn’t get the best, highest-paying job in the world, she will know she has worked hard and will keep on trying. Graduation might be more than just another page in the book. It may as well be closer to the commencement of a brand-new story arc if the person wills. Adapting and overcoming the adversities and challenges of life, no matter in whatever form they show up is a vital part of graduating. We are listing down some inspirational quotes for you to motivate your daughter, who is stepping into a world full of brighter and bigger opportunities:

“You turned an itty-bitty bundle of joy into a kind, smart, and courageous woman. We are so proud of you today and always. Congrats!”

Today we are so much pleased to witness your graduation. We are proud of you and we will always be there to help you. Congratulations!

“Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential.” – Kerry Washington.

Now, you are closer to your dreams and I want to see you becoming a successful person in life. Many congratulations on your graduation!

This is a time for celebrating all your achievements, preparing for a future, and embracing world-filled possibilities. All the best.

My dear friend, I have seen you make it through and the much you have achieved is out of hard work. Keep up the energy. Congratulations!

You have not just graduated; you have made it to the other side of life and now you need to be stronger to achieve more. Congratulations!

There’s a lot you have achieved so far, now you can write, now you can count, now you can read. That is the beauty of life. Have a nice day!

Graduation Quotes to Daughter from Parents

If you were to get a dollar for it for every time you caught your daughter pulling all-nighters, stashing away coffee sachets, typing essays furiously, panicking about deadlines, sometimes sacrificing her social life for the degree, cutting down on things, missing out till it had become her norm, imagine the amount of money you’d have. After the ceremony, it would be the perfect time to take them out for a celebratory dinner at their favorite eatery or commence a gathering of friends and family to surround your child with all the love and laughter they’ve missed over time. Compared to expensive gifts and dinner treats, your words, as a proud parent, are what will stick with them forever. So, are you ready to write down the perfect post-graduation speech for your daughter? Then we’ve got you covered! Here are some lines picked to inspire you:

Take a moment and savor your reward after all of those late nights of studying, the fun you missed out on, and the lack of sleep. Congratulations!

Education is the only investment that you will retain to your grave. This is the best investment that you can make for yourself. Keep learning!

Now that we have assembled to celebrate your success, you should remember that God is always there for you. Work hard and you can achieve more.

Now that you have graduated, follow your heart; involve your feelings before you make any decisions. Make wise decisions. Happy graduation day!

The journey of life brings both challenges and chances. May you snatch the chances and beat the challenges. Congratulations on your graduation.

We’re so happy that you have made it this far. Now you can make it to the next page of your life so use your freedom wisely, and keep learning.

University Graduation Quotes for Daughter

When you went to school, you never knew that this day would come. Now that God has facilitated this beautiful day, be grateful. Congratulations!

You have just made it, you are ambitious, able, and brilliant. You can achieve a lot and you shall always walk the glory road. Happy graduation!

You’ve come a long way since you were that frightened little [boy/girl] on your first day of kindergarten. Look at you now! We are so proud of you.

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” – Dale Carnegie.

Today we are so grateful and proud of you. We love you a lot and pray to God to give you peace of mind and make your life successful. Congratulations!

“We may live in an age of instant messaging, instant gratification and Instagram, but there is no way to short circuit the path to success.”—Tory Burch

There are many dreams in one’s life, what makes the difference between a dreamer and an achiever is how you implement the strategies. Happy graduation!

Congratulations on your graduation day! This is just the beginning, you need to be stronger and more ambitious to make it through. Happy graduation day!

You are an achiever and I believe you can achieve more, you just have to believe in yourself and everything else will follow. Have a nice graduation day!

You have graduated but I am sure you haven’t forgotten any bit you studied in school. That is the best thing you will have in your life. Congratulations!

You are now a free man; you have the freedom of making your own decisions regarding your finances, life, and careers. Make wise decisions. Happy graduation!

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Graduation Quotes for Daughters Yearbook

“After a long journey, your hard work paid off. You have become a graduate today. It’s a wonderful time for all of us. We love you! Congrats to our graduate!”

You have just graduated; this is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning of beautiful days in your life. Happy day and many wishes for your graduation!

Congratulations on the achievement! Witnessing you make it in life is a price to us. Now we know that our daughter has made it and will continue achieving more.

Before you were born, I carried you in my heart and have never thought of life without you. Every achievement in my life is a step happier for me. Congratulations!

Now that you have completed the first part of your life, make sure that you have a list of all the things that you have to achieve from this point. Congratulations!

The journey of life has just started. You are in the middle of your life where challenges, opportunities, and changes are dominant. Be strong! Happy graduation day!

Education is the key to success. It’s the key to what you have achieved so far. It may be difficult to make it through but I have to admit the fruits will be sweeter.

“Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far up you already came. Proud of you for your achievement, princess! Congratulations to you!”

On this special day, you have to give thanks to all those that scaled your life this far. Appreciate your parents; appreciate your teachers and friends. Congratulations!

The fact that you have graduated doesn’t mean that you will not keep on learning. Keep learning from day to day and you will eventually have a lot to tell. Congratulations!

Graduation quotes for daughters yearbook

Best Quotes for Daughter Graduation

You have done it already. You have made it this far and you can make it to another milestone. May God continue strengthening you and giving you more energy to achieve more.

I’m proposing a toast to more reasons to propose a toast at celebrations. I celebrate my daughter’s graduation today and I know we will have more reasons to celebrate. Cheers.

the world is too little for you to not conquer. If you can shine in school, I believe you can shine anywhere, my daughter. This message is to say congratulations from your mom

It’s another day that we will gather to celebrate your success. You have now made it to the next stage of your life and I believe you will make it through. Happy graduation day!

Graduating is not the end of hard work, it’s the beginning of a harder tackle. It’s just a break that you are having before you open another page in your life. Wishing you all the best.

This is to let you know that my prayers for more success in life are for you. Today and every day after it will see you smiling and happy and blessed! Amen. Happy graduation, my daughter.

My dear sister, I believe you can fly, I believe you can scale your life beyond where we can see today. I believe you have the powers and the energy to make it happen. Happy graduation day!

People say that education is the key to success but I have to admit learning each day is the real key to success. You have just moved a step in your life. You can achieve more. Happy graduation day!

Best Graduation Quotes from Parents

“Wishing you a day full of sunshine, a heart full of dreams, and endless smiles as you set out on your next adventure. May your future be as beautiful as you are. Happy graduation!”

On this special day, I take a few seconds to write this special message to make you know that you are brilliant. You can achieve a lot and for this reason, you should hold on tight. Happy graduation!

“Ever since we brought you home, I dreamt of the day I would see you dressed in a cap and gown -- a graduate by your own hard work. Today you fulfilled your dream and mine, and I couldn't be more proud!”

Hope you will find yourself as happy as you are today. I hope that you will have a better life thereafter. There are several things that I wish you to achieve and happy life is one of them. Congratulations!

Know what makes your graduation extra special? It’s having watched you grow up, having so many good memories of you, and knowing all the challenges you’ve worked through to get to this day. I’m so proud of you.

My pretty daughter, I love how you’re making efforts to be the best at everything you do, just as you did in college. I pray that you’ll be heavily rewarded for your efforts and I wish you happy graduation. Dad.

To be a happy person you need to make things work for you. You need to ensure that you are always on the right track, the fact that you have achieved this far, I believe you can make it through. Congratulations!

“Remember that you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Congratulations on your graduation, sweetheart, we couldn’t be more proud. Good luck with what the future holds.”

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Best Quotes for my Daughter's Graduation

It seems like just yesterday you were just a kid starting high school. Now, you’re a confident young man about to receive your diploma. It’s been our joy to watch you grow and achieve so much these past four years.

“So, I say to you, forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart and success will come to you.”—Oprah Winfrey

There’s nothing better than witnessing this beautiful day. Now you are educated and your certification is your degree. Think of that certificate as your ticket to change all the aspects of this life. Congratulations!

“I know it wasn't easy, but I also know that you truly earned it. Now is the time to take this can-do attitude and unwavering perseverance and carve out your own path. Congratulations, and all the best for the future!”

Now that you have made it this far, I believe you have a brain in your head. I believe that you can now achieve anything through hard work and determination. Cheer up and have a blast on this special day. Happy graduation!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

“Dearest daughter. We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved throughout your childhood. It wasn’t always easy, but you worked hard and maintained a good attitude. Your determination and positive outlook will get you far. We love you!”

Best Wishes for Daughter's Graduation

“Real courage is holding on to a still voice in your head that says, ‘I must keep going.’ It’s that voice that says nothing is a failure if it is not final. That voice that says to you, ‘Get out of bed. Keep going. I will not quit.’”— Cory Booker

“I have seen you smiling, crying, fearing, stressing, and being hopeless. But I always saw you fight through every time like a confident young woman. Keep the confidence alive in you. Be limitless; be fearless. Congratulations, happy graduating!”

The first day you went to school, we were very nervous to send you away from us. There was no other alternative and you were to be away from us but now you have come with something that we can all appreciate. This is a special day for you to enjoy to the fullest.

I closed my eyes for but a moment and suddenly you stood where my baby used to be. I may not carry you now in my arms, but I will always carry you in my heart. Congratulations on this special achievement. We are so proud of your accomplishments and the person you’ve become.

“It is not easy to chase your dreams, not easy to achieve success. Congratulations to you on graduation, my dear! Graduating means you are ready to face the world, face the challenges, and take responsibility. We are sure that you will do great in your future life. All the best!”

I stand here with joy in what my daughter has just achieved. Many wish to have what she has now but they can’t have it. I thank God for giving this to her. We all came to celebrate, do as we celebrate, I propose a toast to more celebrations of our daughter and our children.

Graduation Quotes for Friend's Daughter

Every day for the past few years had you looking forward to today, and now we’re here to see you as an achiever! Congratulations to you. I and your dad also looked forward to today and we’re happy to see it. We will have more reasons to congratulate you in the future. That’s our prayer for you.

My prayers for you, my daughter, are these: (i) that your time in school so far won’t be wasted, (ii) that your progress doesn’t stop, (iii) that this graduation brings many favors to you, and (iv) that you will be everything you have set out to be. I love you, my daughter and I wish you happy graduation.

My daughter, do you know what this means to me? That you completed university after these few hard years? Your successes are mine and I celebrate like I’m celebrating my own graduation. Remember, my girl, that you are all you need to live your best life! Go into the world and conquer it! Happy graduation to you.

My daughter, you’re entering another unique stage in life, and I’m glad that you are. As I celebrate you, I want to remind you that you have a whole world ahead of you and your choices go a long way to determine how you would go through it. Please, as much as you can, make the best choices. Happy graduation to you.

My daughter, happy graduation to you. I want you to do all you can to be happy as you go through life. You’re going to have a lot of successes, just like this one. Please, celebrate every success, no matter how little they are. That should help you in staying happy. And never forget God, who brought you this far. I love you so much.

High school, College & University Graduation Quotes for Daughter

“There is nothing more beautiful than finding your course as you believe you bob aimlessly in the current. Wouldn’t you know that your path was there all along, waiting for you to knock, waiting for you to become? This path does not belong to your parents, your teachers, your leaders, or your lovers. Your path is your character defining itself more and more every day like a photograph coming into focus.”

We are thankful to God for making us see this great and beautiful day, we are thankful to Him for seeing my daughter through another stage of her life, we have seen Him do beautiful things for us and we trust Him to do even more, especially in the life of my daughter who we have gathered to celebrate today. This is to more wins for her! And to pleasant graduation to all who want to graduate from college just like she has done. Cheers!

Whenever one of us achieves something new. I am happy. One, because one of us is doing well, two, because I can proudly associate with that person, and three, because gain for one of us is gain for all of us. I want us to have this on our minds, that my daughter’s certificate is our certificate, and let’s celebrate it like it’s ours. I’m toasting to prosperity and joy and peace to enjoy all the good that will come to my daughter and all of us. Cheers.

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