50+ Womens Day 2023 Quotes for Mothers

Find best women's day 2023 quotes for mothers below which will put a smile on your mum's face.

The most special woman in this world is indeed a mother for every child. Let her know on this 8th March by using the below quotes and recognizing her hardworking efforts to raise you confidently. Share her lovely picture on social media and use the below quotes as captions.

Best Womens Day Quotes For Mother

Best Women's Day Quotes For Mother

Keep being the flower of the garden of my life! Happy woman’s Day Mama

Sending you greetings for celebrating wonderful womanhood. Happy Women’s Day.

I make this to give it to the most special woman in my life. Love you, mom!

In my eyes, you’re the complete combination of brain and beauty. Happy Women’s Day.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all things you do! Happy women’s day to my mom!

Sending you my warm greetings to the bravest lady I have ever seen. Happy Women’s Day.

Dear, sending you warm wishes on women’s day. I hope you blossom up the world around everyone associated with you.

Always keep your face forward to the sunshine with pride and dignity. Happy Women’s Day.

You’re the best. Thank you for your unconditional love, support and sacrifices. Happy women’s day to my mother!

On International Women’s Day, I want to thank my mom for giving me the best life and raising me with so much love.

She has many roles to play: A Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend & so on. Every legend was born of her pain! Women’s Day!

You have always stood beside me like a rock. You are my greatest supporter and have always inspired me. Happy Women’s Day.

Today’s girls with ambition are tomorrow’s women with perception. Happy women’s day mother.

Happy women’s day to the superwoman I know. To my mother who’s always holding my back. I love you a lot. Happy women’s day Mom!

I want to wish you a joyful, lovely, and safe life ahead. You deserve everything the best in your life. Happy women’s day mommy.

I am blessed to have the best mother in this world who is also an inspiring woman…. Happy Women’s Day to you mom.

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Women's day 2022 Special Quotes For Mother

Women's day 2023 Special Quotes For Mother

Best women's day quotes specially for mothers who have faced this brutal world and still have raised their child with confidence. Give a salute to those hardworking mothers on this special day for women.

Whenever I observe you, I see a survivor bestowed with tolerance, strength, beauty, and smartness; I see a woman. Happy Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day Card MessagesYou are the fire, the light, the roar; you’re a woman. May the world hear you roar. Happy Women’s Day.

Dear mom, you deserve all the happiness and smiles in this world because you did your best to keep us happy….. Happy Women’s Day to you.

Dear mother, you are my source of inspiration. You motivate me to do my best. Thanks for being my strongest support. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day Wishes, sending you my deepest greetings on this special day. May the sunshiny and vehement spirit be with you forever.

Wishing a very Happy International Women’s Day to my dearest mother in law who has always been so supportive, understanding, and caring.

Today is the perfect day to say that I’m proud of you and so lucky to have an inspirational lady like you in my life. Happy Women’s Day.

With a mother-in-law like you, every daughter-in-law will be blessed. Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day for being a motivating woman.

Though you were working you never neglected me in your life and that in itself is a commendable thing…. Happy Women’s Day to you mom.

Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to the mother-in-law who has always inspired me to follow my dreams and work hard to make them come true.

International Women's Day Quotes For My Mom

Here are a few women's day quotes for mothers which will put a smile on your mother's face when you share these with them.

Everything in the world completes with you. You teach us the real meaning of life. You’re the prettiest woman in my eyes. Happy Women’s Day.

Thanks for being the woman behind my success story and playing the role of the critic, supporter, guide, and friend in my life. Happy Women’s Day.

A beautiful woman, a great friend, and a wonderful mother. You are all this to me and much more… I feel so lucky and proud to have a mom like you

The best that has happened to me is getting married to your daughter because then I found you as an amazing mom in law…. Happy Women’s Day to you.

Thanks for being caring, giving, loving, and strong enough to tolerate our flaws. Paying salute to you for whatever you do for us. Happy Women’s Day.

Women have proved that a courageous and confident woman is much more powerful than an armed woman. A toast to all the brave women on this Women’s Day!

I wonder how you do everything with so much patience and politeness. I’m amused whenever I see you sacrificing yourself for us. Happy women’s day mama.

Dear Mom, you have always been there, whenever I needed you the most. You have always guided me and shown me the right path. Happy Women’s Day dear mother.

Wish you a very happy women's day It's you who are making the difference in so many lives and I am one of them. Have a wonderful day! Happy Women’s Day mom

Happy Women’s Day to all the leading women like mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters who have been always inspirational and supportive throughout the journey.

International Women's Day Quotes For My Mom

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Women's Day Wishes To Mother In English

You are the most unique creation of God, without you, I cannot exist. Thank you for giving birth to me and always encouraging and inspiring me. Happy Women’s Day!

May you face all the adversity strongly and walk to the end dauntlessly. You’re much more courageous and compassionate than I can describe. Happy Women’s Day.

I wish I could be as wonderful a person as you are….. I wish I could be as strong as you always have been…. Wishing you a very Happy International Women’s Day mom.

Your energies, your approach, your life….. everything is so inspiring about you…. Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to your mother-in-law for coming into my life.

Warm wishes on Women’s Day to you mom. Your presence in my life is like a special blessing from the Almighty. You are truly a woman who motivates everyone around her.

All I wish on this special day is that may you never stop dreaming and never lost hope. May you always fight for your rights! Happy international women’s day to my mom.

Woman’s day reminds me of the way, You have made my life better with each passing day, You small acts of love that have created big and better differences in my life,

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I am reminded of only one woman who was my first teacher and friend, who will always be the spring to my life…. Happy Women’s Day, mom.

Women's Day Quotes For Single Mother

Pay tribute to your mothers in the best way possible with these women's day quotes for mothers, they are playing a very crucial role in shaping society as we know it. Here are some women's day quotes for mom that you can use.

While you were working hard to be the best daughter, best wife, best employee, you also worked very hard to be a super mom…. Love you for everything…. Happy Women’s Day.

I have no words to thank you for being the best mother full of love and care, concern and affection…. You are truly the best…. Best wishes on International Women’s Day 2023.

You have the magic to turn the direction of the wind of your own and own every day. Here is to celebrate a day dedicated to all the women. Happy international women’s day mom!

A woman brings us on this earth, She nurtures us day and night, She makes us what we are today, We must together take an oath, To help her nurture herself! Happy Women’s Day mom

Strong women chase their dreams and make them a reality and women who sacrifice their lives for their children are also very strong…. Happy International Women’s Day to you mom.

You make obedient daughter, You make honest wives, You make wonderful lovers, You make caring daughters, You make sweet sisters, Woman! How do you fulfill all the desires? Happy woman’s Day Mom

Happy women’s day to the stronger woman I know. Mother! You’re the superwoman of my life. On this day, I want to thank you for your endless efforts and sacrifices. You’re the greatest blessing of my life.


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