50+ Best Sad Messages for WhatsApp

Are you looking for sad messages? Just stop! Here you will find best sad messages for WhatsApp to express your feelings and tell others how you feel. Make someone realize your sadness with these heart touching sad messages and crying status for WhatsApp. If you are here for depressed quotes about life or feeling upset or alone status for WhatsApp, we have a huge collection of sad status and quotes about life in English that will make you cry.
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Best Sad Messages for WhatsApp:

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Best Sad Status in English 2 Lines:

No matter how many people contact you in a day, if the person you really care about didn't contact you, you feel lonely, and sad.
I have learned to care for people to much, not because they should care for me. But because I know the pain of being ignored.
sad status for whatsapp about life

A broken trust can be best described as a melted chocolate. No matter what you do, It will never return to its original form...!!
Never assume that somebody loves you by their sweetness. Sometimes, you are just an option when they are bored.
sad quotes about life and pain

My eyes are hurting because I cannot see you, my arms are empty because I cannot hold you, and my lips are cold because I cannot kiss you. And my heart is breaking because I am not with you.
One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to be forgotten by someone they will never forget.
sad status in english 2 lines

My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you.
You can crop me out of the pictures we took together, but you can never crop me out of the memories we shared.
sad status about life

Some battles have to be fought alone, some paths have to be crossed alone, so never be emotionally attached to someone, and you never know when you have to walk alone.
I need you like a flower needs the rain, I need you for you can wash away my pain, I need you more each day, and I need you for you are so wonderful in every single way!
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I'm not in a good mood sad quotes for WhatsApp

Alone, thinking of you, I’m sad
Recalling that smile, those chats
Nothing but you, i need
My heart, my eyes, all bleed
No words can describe how I feel
No heart can bear it, flesh or steel
Yesterday I cried a silent tear for fear of losing you. Today I cried a silent tear because you left my heart behind. Tomorrow I'll cry a silent tear because I'll be getting over you...
No guy is worth your tears and when you find one that is, he won't make you cry.

Should I smile because we're friends or cry because that's all we'll ever be?
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
You never know what you have until you lose it.
A million words wouldn't bring you back, I know because I tried. Neither would a million tears, I know because I've cried.
Tears are words the heart can't say.
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Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
The fact that you no longer love me doesn't hurt, you know what hurts? The fact that I still love you.
Love is like an ice cube, the harder u hold on to it, the faster it will disappear all you'll have in your hand will be tears of crushed love.
You Promised Me, Joy. I Didn't Know That Would Lead To Me Crying Into My Pillow.
True Love burns the brightest, but the brightest flames leave the deepest scars.
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Love failure status and messages for WhatsApp in English

feeling alone status for whatsapp

Even though love is described as the best feeling in the world, it is also capable of causing much sadness at times. The sadness can be due to anything; being away from your loved one, the feeling that you’re losing them and they don’t love you anymore, or the fact that something they did, hurt you. We have the best collection of sad messages for you.
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I'm missing the Touch of Your Soft Skin, The Lingering Tongue, And the Smell of Your Breath That I Associate Only with You.
If You Hug Me now. You'll Feel My Heart Cracking under Yours.
But grief makes a monster out of us sometimes and sometimes you say and do things to the people you love that you can’t forgive yourself for.
My sadness has become an addiction when I’m not sad, I feel lost. I start to panic trying to find my way back which leads me back to my original state: sadness.
I wonder if you know what you are doing to me.
i'm not in a good mood quotes

It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you. 
If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go. 
If you don't value your life start smoking, you'll die ten years early. Or, start drinking to excess every day, you'll die fifteen years early. Or you could love someone who doesn't love you back, you'll die every day. 
Surely the saddest thing in the world is falling out of love.
Boys never realize how much one little thing can hurt a girl. 
You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it. 

I don't know where I stand with him. And I don't know what I mean to him. All I know is that every time I think of him, all I want to do is be with him.
Breaking up is just like having the worst nightmare after having the best dream. 
One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart. 
The saddest part of life is saying goodbye to someone you wish to spend your life with. 
At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. 
Letting you go wasn't the hardest part. Still loving you afterward was!
love failure status in english

Someday you’ll cry for me
Like I cried for you
Someday you’ll miss me
Like I miss you
Someday you’ll need me
Like I needed you
Someday you’ll Love me…
But I won’t Love you… 
sad love status for whatsapp

Don’t trust too much, don’t love too much, and don’t care too much because that ‘too much’ will hurt you so much!
What do you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who made you cry?
Usually, people think that I’m a strong, happy person. But behind my smiles, they just don’t know how much I’m in pain and almost broken...
I smile not for that I am happy, but sometimes I smile to hide sadness.
I’m not okay; I’m just good at pretending I am.
sad post for whatsapp in english

Just because she comes off strong doesn’t mean she didn’t fall asleep crying and even though she says nothing is wrong maybe... Just maybe she is really good at lying.
Sometimes I just want to give up, go crawl under my covers and cry myself to sleep. But I never tell anyone this because I know they won’t understand.
Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.
Dear heart, please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood, that’s it. 
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